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Brazilian Wax Hair Removal in Austin & Round Rock, TX
Sweet Waxology is a unique speed waxing hair removal service in a salon concept located in Round Rock, TX catering to both men & women. We strive to make all of your waxing experiences comfortable and painless. After years of applying our waxing expertise on all skin types using many different wax formulations, we know what works best and have perfected the process to ensure the best results in the minimal appointment time. We use only the finest imported wax from Europe along with at home care products to achieve the smoothest, most beautiful skin possible. We specialize in Brazilian Waxing, Body Waxing & the art of Eye Brow Shaping.


Sweet Waxology, is the most premier waxing studio in Austin, Texas! Here, we strive to provide distinct waxing hair removal services for both men and women. All of our waxing services are comfortable, affordable, and painless, as they should be. After many years of applying our expertise to various skin and hair types using cutting-edge equipment and wax formulations, we are confident in our ability to ensure the best results in your appointed time with us.

We only use the finest imported waxes from Europe, along with brilliant skin-care products that will help you achieve the most beautiful and smoothest skin possible. From Brazilian Waxing to Eyebrow Shaping, our experts are specially equipped to provide you with exemplary waxing services you won’t find anywhere else.

For more information on how you can book your appointment, click here for more details.

Why Choose Us?
Sweet Waxology has been in the business of providing premium waxing hair removal services in Austin, Texas for many years. Our approach is simple. We strive to make all of our services comfortable, affordable, and as painless as possible for our customers.

For this goal, we employ the use of refined European wax and excellent skin-care products to promote a smooth waxing procedure. We are proud to offer the best bikini wax in Austin, and we constantly achieve the most sustainable results in our minimal appointment times.

We run a business based on integrity and trust. We understand our customers expect high-quality services from us, and we have delivered each and every time we have been called upon, exceeding the expectations of all of our customers in the past and present.

What Do We Offer?
Sweet Waxology offers a wide range of premier waxing services, Texas. While we do provide the best Brazilian Wax in Austin, we do specialize in other wax hair removal techniques which include: eyebrow waxing, back waxing, and leg waxing services.

More specifically, we are able to eliminate the presence of hair on your abdomen, chin, ears, face, buttocks, underarms, fingers, and your thighs. When you set an appointment with us, our team of waxing experts will assist you in painlessly removing unwanted hair from your desired locations as quickly as possible.

For an affordable price, we can help you achieve a stunning complexion and smooth skin that will last. We utilize the most efficient waxing techniques to ensure that our customers are comfortable and informed throughout the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions
We realize that you may have a lot of questions prior to your appointment with us. Refer to these frequently asked questions (FAQS) to learn more about our waxing services to determine if we’d be a great fit.

Why should I choose waxing over other hair removal services?

There are a wide array of reasons for why waxing is the most optimal hair removal alternative. To start, waxing produces longer lasting results than any other hair removal method. Also, people who receive waxing have a far lesser chance of accumulating ingrown hairs and rashes. Lastly, waxing is ideal for virtually all skin and hair types.


Can I still get waxed if…?

Sweet Waxology is the premier destination for eyebrow waxing in Austin, and we pride ourselves in supplying our customers with valuable information that will help them make the decision that’s right for their particular situation. We recommend potential customers forgo waxing treatments if they have sunburn, have been exposed to the excess sunlight within 24 hours, or if they have skin conditions such as Microdermabrasion, Dermabrasion, or any cosmetic injections.


How long will my results last?

After your first waxing with us, your results will typically last for 3 to 6 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows. Usually, you won’t notice any growth within the first week, but this can significantly change after the third and fourth week.

How Much Do We Charge?
All of our prices vary depending on the particular service you wish to pursue. Ultimately, we strive to set our prices to fit your budget, primarily because we understand how important our hair removal services are to our customers.

Here is a basic rundown of our waxing services to give you a heightened understanding of how we do business.

Eyebrow Waxing Austin Services: $18 for Shaping, $30 for Tweezing
Leg Waxing Austin Services: $45 for Upper Leg, $85 for Full Leg
Back Waxing Austin Services: $20 for Lower Back, $38 for Upper Back
Click here to book an appointment with us today to take advantage of our outstanding prices today!

Are Our Services Painless?
Absolutely! Sweet Waxology specializes in providing painless waxing hair removal procedures for our customers. We realize that the thought of extreme pain can deter people from pursuing our waxing services. Although we can’t speak for our competitors, all of our waxing specialists have been properly trained to carry out waxing appointments effortlessly and without severe pain.

As it was previously mentioned in our FAQs, waxing is the most ideal method of hair removal, giving you lasting results that you can enjoy with comfort and confidence. Therefore, if you are contemplating purchasing any of our premier waxing services, we strongly encourage you to book an appointment today and let our specialists rid you of your unwanted hair.

Book an Appointment Today!
Sweet Waxology is the preeminent provider of waxing hair removal services in Austin, Texas. With a goal to offer comfortable, affordable, and painless waxing services, our business has become a mainstay in Austin and other Texas locations.

We are proud to serve all customers with various skin and hair types, and we invite anyone who is experiencing doubt to contact our studio today for more clarity and information on how we conduct business and to see if our services are ideal for your particular situation.

We only use the finest European wax and skin-care products, so you can rest easy knowing that you will receive exceptional service from a top-rated waxing studio in Austin.


  • Abdomen (Full)

    If you find yourself a little fuzzy around your abdomen, it’s a quick fix! To achieve the best results it's best to stop shaving 2 weeks prior to your waxing service. In general you can expect sparse hair to grow back in about 2-4 weeks

    $ 30
  • Abdomen (Strip)

    The abdominal strip is the belly trail hairline on the center of the stomach.

    $ 14
  • Arm Wax (Full) Men's

    Full arms waxing removes the hair from it's root leaving your skin feeling nice and smooth for weeks at a time. Fingers are not included. In general you can expect sparse hair to grow back in about 2-4 week.

    $ 45
  • Arm Wax (Full) Women's

    Full arms waxing removes the hair from it's root leaving your skin feeling nice and smooth for weeks at a time. Fingers are not included. In general you can expect sparse hair to grow back in about 2-4 week.

    $ 45
  • Arm Wax (Half) Men's

    Half-arm waxes start at the bend of the elbow and extend to the wrist. Or shoulder to elbows. Fingers are not included. In general you can expect sparse hair to grow back in about 2-4 weeks

    $ 45
  • Arm Wax (Half) Women's

    Half-arm waxes start at the bend of the elbow and extend to the wrist. Or shoulder to elbows. Fingers are not included. In general you can expect sparse hair to grow back in about 2-4 weeks.

    $ 45
  • Brazilian Landing Strip

    The landing strip is similar to a Brazilian, but it leaves a thin strip of hair. The hair is removed from the front all the way around between the cheeks. To achieve the best results, the hair should be a

    $ 65
  • Brazilian Triangle

    The hair removed from the top of the bikini area for women, leaving a neat triangle of hair only, this includes between the cheeks.

    $ 65



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